Remake progress so far...

Before starting the work, I reviewed my project and realized that some maps were good and had no problems, so I decided to reuse them. But other maps were really ugly and deserved a redesign. Here are some of the changes so far.

Hero's Village had 3 maps: Market, the village and Riverside. 

The Market

OBS.: In the game the girl is below the house roof. This is because of the script I used to screenshot.


They were divided before because I thought the game wouldn't handle the overlay map. So now, I got rid of the overlay (edited the tiles instead of overlaying the images) and made the 3 parts one whole. Take a look:

The characters look out of the market stands, but it's because of the Screenshot script I used. In the game they seem to be inside of the stand.

The Hero's house - as you can see below - was okay, but for some reason I decided to redesign it.

Now it looks like this:

The frame-door and the fireplace look out of the place, but again, it's because of the screenshot script. Actually, let me show you an in-game screenshot:

Yes, all maps have some sort of light color effect now. All the house interiors have that midday hue, except for the Witch's house - it's bluish.

Hero's house attic before:

And after:

Hero's secret passage before:

Argh, horribly raw, empty and unnatural. After the redesign (in-game SS):

Witch's house before:

The witch is not appearing because the whole map was a single image imported to the game and the SS script can't handle that properly. Now, after the redesign:

Now, an in-game SS:

Quests' Village before:

It wasn't that bad but there were way too many houses, though only a very few of them had quests. So why so many useless houses? I got rid of them. After the redesign:

Also, there's something totally new! The hanging plaques are animated! Check it out:

The Quests' Village's tavern before:

After the redesign:

I forgot before, but the Hero's Village's tavern was redesign as well. 



Again, the barrels are out of place because of the SS script.

Other maps have been redesigned too, but I'm tired of taking screenshots. xD

There's still a lot of work to do, more maps to redesign, quests to add, the whole sequel to make... I just wanted to give people an idea of what I'm currently doing. Hope you guys liked. (:

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