Remake progress in 20%

Well, I've redesigned basically all maps that needed to be redesigned. Now, I've started eventing. Let me tell you something: it's boring as hell. e_e

But let's go to the good news. =D

What has been made so far?

  • All maps that needed a redesign are done (except for one. I need to finish eventing before redesigning it).
  • Added 3 more characters - drawn by me - plus their quests.
  • Added a Quest System Script to substitute that terrible and clunky Note System that I came up with in the lack of a decent script at the time.
  • I've made the cutscenes look a little more "cinematic". Previously, there wasn't any effects, player had to guess it was a cutscene. Terrible.
  • Added busts/portraits to all dialogues.
  • I've managed to change the resolution to 640x480.
  • I've changed the cover/menu image (but you are only going to see this at the new release).
  • Transformed in cutscene a playable part that should have been a cutscene since the beginning (clunky gameplay).

Check the screenshots below.


(The map in both screenshots above is the exception that I haven't redesigned entirely yet)

Sorry about the nipples. xD


Added a color tint and a frame.


This script was a blessing. The only Quest plugin that worked.

What is yet to be done?

  • All the eventing.
  • Redesign that last map.
  • Create a cutscene from a moment that was playable but should have been a cutscene since the beginning (clunky gameplay) - yes, another one.
  • The whole sequel.
  • Tweak the menu a little.
  • A new trailer.

All the eventing and the sequel added a LOT of stuff to be done. So I'll need more time, unfortunately. I'll finish it eventually. lol

Just remember: After the release of the remake, the price will rise, so buy it now while it's still $1 dollar! Buying now grants you access to the full remake release.

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